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I have had a photography business for over a decade. I primarily shoot actors’ headshots, specializing in children (cuz they’re a blast); business and publicity photos; school pictures (not your everyday, sit against a grey-blue background, fold your hands in your lap and hope-the-smile-is-decent kind of traditional school pics–for examples, visit katward.com); and family portraits.

I also write. I am currently seeking representation for my novel Amy’s Own while working on my next book Keeping Sane, and Other Aspirations.

Through a wonderful woman, I have met and begun writing blurbs for the wonderfully informative Hometown Pasadena website created by Colleen Bates of Prospect Park Books who wrote the guide book of the same name (along with Hometown Santa Monica and Hometown Santa Barbara). It’s like being shown around a place of interest by a friend and local (very conversational, informative and humorous). Thus, I have my first byline! My brain is exhausted from being so obsessive over my first posts and not becoming one with my bed until the wee hours of the morning, but my adrenalin is still pumping somethin’ fierce.

I have also just received my first editing credit for the self-help workbook Where Are You Stuck? by Lori Bertazzon of which I am very proud. Her personal one-on-one sessions in conjunction with her workbook has dredged me out of the hole in which I was stuck and started me on the ride of my life. I highly recommend her and her and her book. She is a stunning talent.

I’m also just finished experiencing Kevin Bertazzon’s newly released illustrated storybook ISMS (a faery mobster story) as an Apple App. It will soon be released elsewhere as well. Anyone drawn to the work of George R.R. Martin should check out Kevin’s masterful work.

Otherwise, I am in love with the new neighborhood into which my daughter and I moved (after decades in L.A. proper, I was ready for a night-and-day change); I’m trying to get my fat rear-end to run more times around the block to dissolve the far too many fat cells I’m carrying; and my daughter and I are working to maintain the health of our favorite cat who has diabetes (diabetes!??!)–all normal stuff…

Posted September 11, 2011 by Kat Ward

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  1. Hi Kat. My stepmother Julia referred me to your blog because she works with your sister, Karyn, who I met several times when I was much younger. She also mentioned that about 6 years ago you sent a rough copy of your book to her book club and they read/critiqued it for you. Anyway, she thought I’d like your blog as I am interested in writing and photography. Your posts seem interesting and I look forward to checking them out further. Just thought I’d say hello and introduce myself. :)

    • Krystal: Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I love Julia! I’ve only met your dad a couple of times, way back when, but he seemed very interesting. What kind of photography and writing do you do?

      • Haha, my dad is definitely interesting, to say the least. He’s quite a character and I like to think that he has given me much of the same quirks that he has. I don’t have any particular genre or type of writing and/or photography, as I am a novice in both areas. Just acquired a new camera though, that I am playing around with and have always had a love for writing (fiction and poetry type stuff). Hoping that being back in college now for English Lit will improve my writing abilities. Not to mention, it is yet another excuse for me to read, as I am rarely without a book or my trusty nook.

  2. Hi Kat! Thanks for your comment on my post at Samantha’s Blooming Late journal. I just now came across it – sorry for being so far behind. I loved your encouraging words!

    Just subscribed to your blog. Good luck with everything!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such great comments about the thumbsucking issue. I really loved your and your daughter’s stories and perspective. It helped me a lot.

  4. Kat – Congrats on your writing gig, your blog and everything else! Can’t wait to keep reading. Much love, Dana

  5. Wishing you the best in your new home!

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