Cactus & Dolls   2 comments

The Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock CA is having a doll exhibit.

This isn’t your ordinary doll exhibit.

No porcelain skin with bright red lips and generic features. No period ball gowns with petticoats and bloomers.

These are works of art; creative, imaginative, edgy, out-of-the-box works of art.

This style is not for everyone, but I couldn’t get enough.

What’s your reaction?

Viva La Vida Frida by Lov Struk

Viva La Vida Frida by Lov Struk

Florence the Flapper by Christine Benjamin

Your the One Devil by Ulla Anobile

Dorian Grey by Vega

Princess for a Day & Tristan by Sheri DeBow

Shaman by Carol Reynolds

Trudy by Keeley Benkey Reichman

Visigoth Warrior Woman by Lulu Moonwood Murakami

Maddy Calakita by Lov Struk

St. Rose of Lima (music box) by Christy Kane

Ulla & Faith (music box) by Christy Kane

Cpt Pirate Penelope by Christine Benjamin

Frank's Bride by Lov Struk

In Full Bloom by Ulla Anobile

Thanks to Sandra Mastroianni, owner of Cactus gallery. For info and pricing, visit

© “Cactus & Dolls” post and photos by Kat Ward


2 responses to “Cactus & Dolls

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  1. These are wonderful! My favorite is Frank’s Bride.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them. I am torn; I love Ulla Anobile’s work with all the stitching, and Christine Benjamin with her felt, the dark side of Christy Kane with “Ulla & Faith” and “Dorian Grey” by Vega, but I think my fav is “Viva La Vida Frida” by Lov Struk. Actually, I want them all! Thanks for looking…

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