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Amy’s Own has been published! To see if you are intrigued by the story and like my style of writing, the first 3 chapters are available for sampling here.

Amy’s Own may be purchased as an ebook through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, and as an ibook through Apple’s iTunes. Print books may be purchased from Amazon or directly from the author.

To all who shell out the $2.99 for the ebook or splurge and spend $14.99 on a print copy, I say thank you, grazie mille, and l’chaim!

Please feel free to share you thoughts, comments, and criticisms. Leave a comment here or email katwardphoto(at) I look forward to hearing from you…


17 March 2012:  It’s been a while. These past months, in addition to shooting headshots and writing for Hometown Pasadena (thank you, Colleen!), I have been immersed in helping organize a book festival for Pasadena, CA.

LitFest Pasadena was scheduled for today, Saturday, March 17th. I have time to sit in front of my computer because even though our winter has been quite dry, a weekend storm decided to dump a lake-full of rain and plunge the temperature into the low 50’s (way too cold for us thin-skinned Southern Californians!). We have postponed the event to May 12th as the Old Farmer’s Almanac states that rain has only fallen once in the last ten years on that day, and it won’t be too close to the massive, size-of-a-little-city event that’s called the L.A. Times Festival of Books, which is in April.

Fingers crossed for date #2.

The upside is that in having a deadline for LitFest, my partners and I at Lovely pubs, our new indie publishing company, have finished our first products.

Lori Bertazzon already has her Where Are You Stuck? self-help workbook that’s selling and going strong. Her husband, Kevin Bertazzon, in addition to ISMS: A Faery Mobster Story, now has his graphic novel Too Bubbly printed which looks amazing and is laugh-out-loud funny; and I have finally finished—and printed—my novel Amy’s Own.

A paperback copy is ready with your name on it!

Amy’s Own is $14 plus shipping, which runs $6. If you have any questions, you can email me at katwardphoto(at)msn(dot)com.

I’d like to make this post longer, but my brain is fried, and not in a tasty grilled cheese kind of way.

I’ve been having the time of my life finishing the book and working on LitFest, but it’s been heaps more work than I thought it would be, and this here almost 1/2 century ol’ body of cells is not what it once was. Time is a creepin’ and a sneekin’ up on meh! So, I’m hunkering down for the rest of the weekend in hopes of recouping some essential vigor. I’ll be in touch…


14 responses to “My Novel: Amy’s Own

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  1. OH my … you have published. I hadn’t realized. I will go look for it. Congrats !

    • Thank you, Brenda! I have it in print form and as a Kindle ebook on Amazon, at B&N as an ebook, Diesel, etc. (those are through Smashwords). Just got a notice from Amazon the other day, I’ve sold 134 ebooks—yay! Sounds kind of paltry in comparison to thousands, tens of thousands, etc., but I’m happy!

  2. Congratulations, Kat on all your hard work!

    • Thank you! It’s been something else. Not quite like getting a hefty, even a non-hefty advance from some wonderful publisher with an agent to walk me through all my book signings (!!!), but great to do it with my partner, designing the cover, having a voice on the overall design of the book, etc. The hard work has just begun with the marketing and promotion. Still have to get the ebook up, our website up, but, we’ll see what happens. Thanks for your support.

  3. Where do I mail the check? Want one for sister Lisa, too.

    • Look for an email from me; I gave my address and asked for yours. After you read it, no holds barred, cousin; let me know what you honestly think. Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

  4. Congratulations again Kat! Already have my copy and I am loving the journey of the story. I’m in it!

    • Thanks! Read on to the end and let me know what you think; worked hard on the ending and I’d love to hear feedback on it, and if the whole story itself holds up for the reader.

  5. My check for $20 is in the mail tomorrow. Can’t wait to read it! I’m so impressed that my niece and god-daughter is a published author!! WOW!
    Much love, Joan

    • Hello, favorite Aunt! Thank you for your support. And remember, no obligation to actually like the story, and I am more than willing to hear any critique. xo

  6. Congratulations!!! Where do I order?

    • If you would like to order “Amy’s Own,” email your address to katwardphoto(at)msn(dot)com. I’m still working on setting up our Lovely pubs website, so if you’d like my book now, when you email me, I can give you my address where you can mail a check (South Pas), and I can either mail or drop off the novel to you. Or, I’ll let everyone know when our website is up and you can go through paypal, etc. Thank you for your interest!

  7. Let me know who you are, and it’s all yours! Thank you for the sentiment, though.

  8. Wow. I can’t wait to read it.

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