My W.A.Y.S. Journey – Day 2   2 comments

Blogging on my day-to-day experience doing the Where Are You Stuck? workbook by Lori Bertazzon.

(The first part when writing about the word-of-the-day is to just free write; purely an emotional response.)

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Day 2 word: Resistance

I’ve always thought of resistance as a good thing. The oppressed resist their oppressors—the American Revolution, Arab Spring, Libya. Blacks and women resist racism and sexism. We have to resist to achieve equality because the world will not just offer it up, especially when “they” consider you outside the norm, a member of the “other.”

And then, there’s resistance to change. Trust and believe in my talents and abilities? Resist! I resist truly believing in myself, which then handcuffs and paralyzes me.

When resistance is a societal reaction, great! When the resistance is within me, to me, FOR me, then I need to address it and change.

Lori says resistance is information. Okaaaay…I’ll take a look at that. Harrumph.

(The questions posed next in the workbook ask us to respond objectively, to be our own observer.)

Did you find any beliefs contrary to what you thought you believed or contrary to what you want? Resisting myself, resisting my belief and trust in my talent is definitely contrary to what I want.

Where did that old belief come from? Society as a whole taking the macro view; my family when looking through the micro-lens. My family was supportive of my art, but I received the strong, silent message that creating art was not a career of. Art is admirable, but it’s not a career. So, when I feel drawn and compelled to create, I feel like a failure from the very start—like I have to drown my joy, dreams and desires just as I’m about to jump gleefully and giddily into the world’s greatest waterhole.

As a teenager, I had rebelled via my depression for so long, but didn’t really get a lot of pleasure from my art. I then put it away for years. Then, when I reconnected to writing and it truly was the time to rebel (not through depression, but through creating art), instead I towed the line.

Are you willing to let your old belief go? Yes! …but, that’s a bit scary; not sure I can.

Claude Monet's "Water Lilies: the Clouds"

How could you positively flip that old belief? What belief would you like to have? I resist the conventional definition of what having a “responsible” career means. I believe that my talent of writing is a gift and an asset to myself and society as a whole since it is unique to me, and no one else has my particular “voice.” I believe that focusing on my writing and helping other people’s quality art works emerge into the public forum and receive attention and recognition is a worthwhile and necessary goal.

Is there anything keeping you from believing it (i.e. fear, block, resistance, negative thought, low vibrating energy)? Hell, yeah! Scared to death of failing. Big talk about following dreams, yet I’m almost half a century old, got 5 cents in my pocket and nothing I’ve created so far has ever been thoroughly realized. Fear, blocks, resistance, the whole lot—they’re hanging on tight!

Take a deep breath. Now, let all that go. Read you new belief.

End of day 2…

© 2011 Article by Kat Ward


2 responses to “My W.A.Y.S. Journey – Day 2

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  1. Thank you, Nadine. Isn’t it scary and exciting, all at once?! But, I love, love, love that we’re doing it. I feel so empowered, and I gotta tell you, even more so being a member of Blooming Late. It’s an awfully supportive group. It’s a bit bizarre to feel close to people I’ve never met and maybe don’t even have a lot in common with if I dig a little deeper, but all that matters is that we’re over 40, writing and pursuing our joy—and that’s where we connect, and it truly rocks.

  2. I love how you start out with the revolutions that have changed the world, where people stood up to resist their oppressors…and yet, many of us do not stand up to the inner oppressor that tells us lies about our worth and our gifts. Instead, we resist our creative urges and that which brings us joy. What a beautiful stand you’re taking, to create your own inner revolution! I am on that journey, too. Blessings.

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