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Aaaah, finally. We had champagne (okay, Kevin had chocolate almond milk). Lori made a toast. I made a toast. Kevin drank a huge goblet of chocolate almond milk. Hugs all around. Lots of smiling. Repeat.

Lori Bertazzon’s self-help workbook Where Are You Stuck? A 21-Day Writing Exploration has finally arrived! The boxes are full, the books are inside; I can actually hold one in my hand.

My first “Edited by” credit. My friend’s year-long journey that began with her questioning her ability to even write a book (sound familiar, writers?). Our hours and hours of face time, home writing and editing, emails back and forth. Her husband Kevin’s impassioned designing, page by page, all thoroughly thought out. It was a great ride—I had a complete and utter blast.

So, here’s the pitch. If you are stuck in your career, in your creativity, in your personal life—then this book is the place for you. The process is to clarify where you are stuck, what you want and desire, and what you believe to be your obstacles. Through a process of mining significant words (for you), you learn to truly understand your beliefs in regard to that particular word, how it affects you and your life, then decide whether or not this belief is a positive or negative influence, and if it’s negative, to flip it to create a new belief that will help you reach your goals and desires.

Having worked with Lori privately (she does individual sessions, either in person or over the phone) and completed the workbook (I still randomly pick words when I’m feeling stuck), I can say that where I was a year ago and where I am now—living in a new, wonderful town in a lovely apartment on a beautiful street; getting my first paid writing gig; starting my blog; starting a brand new novel; and actively getting out my query letters for my completed novel—I am so enthused, focused, determined, motivated and inspired. To Lori and her abilities, to Lori and her workbook, I am forever grateful. And thankful.

Here’s Lori in her own words:

We identify where you are stuck or where you are looking for forward movement in your life and what obstacles are based on old patterns and beliefs.  Through our conversation I help you identify how the obstacles can be moved through and/or what is creating them.  From there we can see which action steps can be taken to move you forward.

The workbook came from the work I do in the consultation.  I believe we all have the information we need within ourselves but past experiences may have created negative thoughts and experiences which cloud our ability to see and trust what we know.  The workbook helps you get clear and discover what you truly believe about (your) life so you can make conscious choices to change it.

The 3-hour workshop is an introduction to me and the workbook exercise.  I offer a 4-week workshop which meets once a week and works through the workbook together.  The workbook is an option for those doing private consultations.

Contact information:  Lori Bertazzon
ph. 213.422.7200
Cost of the workbook: $14.95 plus shipping


Thanks again for inviting me to your fabulous workshop! It was really great. And (as it should be) it came along just at the right time. I’ve been really trying to crack a few things to be able to move forward, and today really helped!

Since I started working with Lori, my life has transformed. She’s helped me find a way to reduce my stress and anxiety and to focus on what I want in life. Because of the work I have done with her, I feel more confident, more prosperous and definitely more alive. Every day is a new adventure and I credit Lori with helping me move in a positive life-changing direction. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to let go of old negative patterns and embrace a new more empowered life.

Lori has a gift. There is no doubt about it. Lori’s work has helped me to get in touch with inner obstacles that I was at times not even aware I had (in life and in my work as an actor) and helped me to find constructive and practical ways to move through them. Lori’s knowledge, intuition, and nurturing state of being allows for an atmosphere of trust and fearless creativity. She has a way of unlocking the truth behind every problem, big or small, and her guidance is invaluable. I leave a session with Lori feeling a sense of lightness and clarity. If I could only carry her around in my pocket, I would be set!

THANK YOU for your unbelievable generosity today. Your work blew me away. You were so clear and got right to the point. I really enjoyed watching you work with everyone and I learned a lot today. I was inspired… Your work is very special and you are VERY talented. You really opened my heart, eyes and creative spirit again.


© 2011 Get Your W.A.Y.S. Workbook – Available Now! by Kat Ward.


11 responses to “Get Your W.A.Y.S. Workbook – Available Now!

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  3. Great Job Kat!

  4. Looks Great Kat.

    Keep it up.

  5. Kat, I have to admit that this is something new to me. I know several life/writing coaches and never knew any of them to use this particular approach. This new approach brings in many new avenues of possibility.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and congratulations on the edit credit. Always good to have one more BIG notch in a writer’s belt.


    • I must admit, I’m still looking for the language to describe how unique and profound this rather simple approach can be. Everyone with whom I’ve spoken who have completed the workbook talk about the effects, but it’s still hard to put into words because it’s so hard to believe that this simple exercise could reveal our blocks, help us find clarity and impel us forward, but it does.

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!

  6. Kat !! How wonderful for you — your first official “edited by” in print! And why haven’t you shared this with the She Writers?! Since you didn’t (or I missed it), I surely will toot your horn :) The workbook sounds wonderful and I plan to order one when I’m able ! Congrats to you both !


  7. I don’t want to think about the possibility of getting stuck, too terrifying.. Regardless if, the book sounds good anyway. Sometimes a new perspective on our writing life is a good thing.

  8. “Lori! WOW!!! WOW!! This is truly an outstanding service that you will be providing……EVERYONE who meets you will surely profit from your wisdom, insight and genuine caring and empathy! Remember, I knew you when!!!”

    Dr. Jack Wetter

    *This is a direct quote that was put onto another of my posts, but was meant for this posting about Lori’s workbook. Dr. Jack Wetter, Ed. D., FACLinP, Diplomate and Fellow, American Board of Professional Psychology, Associate Professor, UCLA School of Medicine.

    Thank you for the endorsement of Lori’s work, Dr. Wetter.

  9. Thank you, Jamie. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  10. Amazing Amazing Amazing! What else can I say about Lori and the workshop…. AMAZING

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