A Dollop of Honesty   14 comments

Please subscribe.


I want followers.


I NEED followers!

Again. Why?

Because—oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit— I might fail.

If I faithfully submit my query letter for my manuscript Amy’s Own, include the synopsis and sample chapters when requested, keep track of my email queries—yeah, how many have been “sent” off into the technological cosmos, the ethereal void, never to be heard from again? If I keep tramping to the post office to mail via snail to the last holdouts who still regard something tangible as something of value (until they consider the contents of no value). If I continue with this day-in and day-out, month-after-month and I realize I’m down to my last few 3×5 cards (all the others graffitied in red with permanent marker). If no agent or publishing house, no established, traditional entity wants my novel—then what?

I need to self-publish.

For that to succeed, I need to have an established audience; followers. For that to happen, I need to create an internet presence; Facebook, twitter, email, LinkedIndeep breath—writer info websites, writers’ groups on the web, writers sharing their work on the web, writers critiquing work on the web. Phew! Jesus! I need to entertain, be witty, intellectual and insightful. Aach! Feeling a little parched here. I need to hold your attention day-after-day, month-after-month, in the hope that on the day I self-publish; the day I offer my “gift” to the world; the day I throw my mind, body & soul onto the railroad tracks and wish for the best—that you, you and YOU! will buy my book.

Won’t you all—all of you who link with me as “friend”—would you please, please go buy my self-published novel?

Excuse me? Oh, $14.95 is too much for a hardcopy that represents the last decade of my creative life and for which I’ve been saving these last 2 years so I could pay a printing house to make a short run of 100 copies?

Still, no? Well, here you go; the e-book’s only $1.99.

What’s that? Well, I was kind of hoping not to have a closing out sale until the spring—you know, thinking maybe my book might catch on by then. But, yeah, I know, the economy still stinks (Obama/Bush, yada, whoever).

Okay, okay. Go ahead,  99 cents. Take it. No, that IS the sale price!

Thank God for grandmother Eli: “Honey, it’s not so bad—somewhere in the world, it’s cocktail hour.”


14 responses to “A Dollop of Honesty

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  1. I was ready to order your book by the end so keep writing your blog posts coz they’re obviously working. I hereby, faithfully agree to follow (just as soon as I finish commenting) and look forward to reading more of your posts as well as hearing about your progress with getting “Amy’s Own” to print. Trish

    • I will keep you informed as I am interested in how this all turns out, as well! Thank you for reading and for you interest; it feels good to hear that people like one’s writing and wants to read more. Encouraging. Thank you.

      • Sue Your new blog looks pretty cool! Ah, the warm days of sumemr, viewed from your sail boat Sure miss those days already! I had quite a wet commute this morning to work, but I’m all dry now and feeling warm and toasty now as I type this.Have a great week and fun with your new blog. I’ll have to read your posts, categories, and archives when I get a chance on my break. ) Jenny

  2. I always appreciate your honesty, especially when it makes me laugh.

  3. Don’t worry, just keeping posting great content and the subscribers will come. It just takes awhile when you’re starting a new blog. I think about self-publishing as well, of course I guess I should write more first. Better get to it.

  4. Great inner dialogue, Kat. There are times I think, why did I step onto this merry-go-round in the first place??

    Oh, and I subscribed! :D

    • Thank you for your subscription. I look forward to reading more of your pieces, as well. I’ll probably be posting 1 or 2 times a week. As you say, it’s hard to find time to write, but when I don’t pay attention to my writing for an extended period of time, I sure do feel it. I become more impatient, more splintered, more resentful—then I realize it’s up to me to take care of myself, find an extra hour to devote to what I love (even if it never gets read by the general public) because it feels like self-nurturing. It’s just for me.

  5. And, in the interest of letting a fellow writer know just how much you appreciate the conundrum, do I comment here, on She Writes (or both)? Let me start here . . . When I first self-published a digital edition of my short story collection (published earlier in print), I wrote a blog post that expressed my mixed feelings. I’m happy to link you to it, if you’re interested. More recently, I wrote an essay –‘ What’s Your Writing Worth?’ — posted on She Writes as well as #amwriting.org — http://amwriting.org/archives/5911. More links to follow. So very glad to meet you via She Writes. Now all I have to do is figure out how to log in via WordPress.

    • Congratulations on your published short story collection! How is it doing? What’s your game plan? I will go read your blog. Thanks.

  6. Amen Kat! Very nicely said.
    Good luck with either getting picked up by a publisher, or self publishing. You’ll do it!!
    Come follow me?? http://www.trishafaye.wordpress.com

  7. I think I winced when I read the “begging” part of your comment. I guess I was trying to make fun of all the terror inside me in regard to trying to promote myself, my writing in the anticipation that soon I will self-publish my novel “Amy’s Own.” Now that I’m older, time does look crunched and finite, every decision seems to hold more consequence and yet I still am not sure what the **** I’m doing a goodly chunk of the time!

    Thanks for reading.

  8. Haha, of course I’ll buy your e-book. Where’s the shopping cart? The link? Email me please! I know about the follower dilemma. And the questions about self-publishing. When it’s time, should I, would I? (That’s a song. Streisand?)

    • Just gathering followers first. I’m doing an edit with a friend, while querying agents. I will give that some time while I help promote my 2 friends’ books that they self-published (a self-help workbook “Where Are You Stuck?” and “ISMS-a faery mobster story,” and illustrated storybook that’s an App). Hopefully, what we learn from marketing their books, I will then be able to apply to my book “Amy’s Own,” when the time comes!

      This was more tongue in cheek, questioning this whole process, if I’m making good decisions, etc. Thanks for reading and commenting. It does make me smile!

  9. Oh, honestly, Kat ! LOL Fine ! You convinced me :) You now have … ta-da ! … another follower !! Great post and, btw, you are much better at begging than I am. I guess I should humble myself more, huh ?

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