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A huge, all-enveloping THANK YOU! to Jeff of the blog Five Things At Once for his posting today, September 14th (follow the link above to read it).

As I told him, he gets a permanent seat in my soul-nurturing creativity chamber for being the first person to read my site and comment.

Then I come home, all sweaty and hungry after a hike in the Arroyo, to an email leading to his site (he’s a stay-at-home-dad) where he has commented on Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 talking about the cancellation of her reality t.v. show and how she will now support her family brood. I had quite an OH, MY! moment when I read further into his article (I guess I should be calling it “post”–oiy, all the jargon I have to catch up on!), and he goes on to compare Kate with Kat.

Needless to say, I will be flying high all day, so don’t look for me on the terra firma; I’m spending my day walking on clouds.

Thank you, again, Jeff.

*Pssst–everyone, go read his blog–writers unite!


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  1. Hey, thanks. Just keep rockin. And keep writing.

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