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Keeping Sane is not only the name of my blog, but it is a state of mind that I have attempted to maintain throughout my life (and, yes, sometimes successfully, and sometimes, quite clearly not).

I have had a photography company for over a decade, primarily shooting actors’ headshots, specializing in children (cuz they’re a blast); business and publicity photos; school pictures (not your everyday, sit against the grey-blue background, fold your hands in you lap and hope-for-a-decent-smile kind of traditional school pics–for examples, visit my website); and family portraits.

I am an unpublished writer, working very hard (and crossing my fingers) to change that. I am currently soliciting for representation of my novel AMY’S OWN and working on my new fictional piece KEEPING SANE, AND OTHER ASPIRATIONS.

I have begun to write blurbs for the website Hometown Pasadena created by Colleen Bates (Prospect Park Books) who wrote the guide book of the same name, along with Hometown Santa Monica and Hometown Santa Barbara. Reading them is like being shown around town by a friend (conversational, informative and humorous). I highly recommend them. And, check her publishing website for all her latest titles.

It’s official. I can put “Editor” on my resume. I have received a credit in the self-help workbook Where Are You Stuck? by Lori Bertazzon. Lori’s personal one-on-one sessions in conjunction with her workbook has hauled me out of the hole in which I was stuck and started me on the ride of my life. She is a stunning talent and gets a 5 Star recommendation. If you’re stuck, look her up.

I have also just finished experiencing Kevin Bertazzon’s newly released illustrated storybook ISMS (a faery mobster story) as an Apple App for the iPad (did I just muck up all that jargon?). It will soon be available in different formats. Anyone drawn to the work of George R.R. Martin should check out Kevin’s masterful work.

(I’m not throwing out these adjectives like “stunning” and “masterful” lightly. These two works have blown my tender little mind into wonderful, light-filled, inspired pieces. (I’m trying to reassemble them now—but, then again, maybe not).

Otherwise, I am in love with the new neighborhood into which my daughter and I have moved (after decades in L.A. proper, I was ready for a night-and-day change); I’m attempting to get my awesome rear end to run more times around the block to dissolve the far too many fat cells I’m carrying; and my daughter and I are making an impassioned, concerted effort to maintain the health of our favorite cat who has diabetes (diabetes!?!?!)—all the normal stuff.

My next post will be a piece I wrote some years ago which I think illustrates the point I made in why I chose the blog name Keeping Sane. Hope you enjoy.

*photo from my photojournalism days: Saugatuck River, Westport, CT


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